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    Featured Resins

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    Product Grade # Photo
    EVA – Offgrade Virgin
    EVA 100 off grade is virgin material that contains some ambers and black specs. The melts available are .5-2, .4-6, 7-12, .15-25, 26-35, 50, 100 VA content is between 11-18% depending on the melt and off grade batch
    EVA Reprocessed
    EVA 100R reprocessed has good color and is free of debris. Reprocessing the EVA disperses amber and black specs
    Natural polyethylene reprocessed
    This product is available now and an ongoing basis. It is reprocessed material and packaged in good Boxes. Melt is 5-7 and density is .947
    We can provide more pictures and samples. Quality is consistent.
    White polyethylene reprocessed
    Polyethylene (PE) repro film grade
    Reprocessed plastic resin
    1-2 melt, .920 density, 1400/2300 adds




    * Prices subject to change.